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Franklin & Marshall College

ONE OF YOUR PEOPLE PROJECT |  Franklin & Marshall College

Franklin & Marshall College

Franklin & Marshall College (Lancaster, Pennsylvania)

Undergraduate Population: 2,298
U.S. Department of College Scorecard: Graduation rate, majors, costs, salaries
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Melanie Dios
Hometown: Newark, NJ
High School: Science Park High School
Year in College: Class of 2022
Major: Double Major in Public Health and Government
Melanie’s Places: President of Latinx Prayer and Head Resident Assistant, Franklin Fellow Mentor, Member of African Drumming Ensemble, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Hardwood Scholar
Reach out to Melanie on Instagram and LinkedIn: @life_with_dios | LinkedIn


Hermela Assefa
Hometown: Northern Virginia
High School: Justice High School
Year in College: Class of 2022
Major: Public Health with a Sociology Concentration
Hermela’s Places: Co-President of African Caribbean Association (ACA), STEM Impressionists Program (SIP) Member, Resident Advisor for 2019-2020 Academic Year, Harwood Leadership Scholar, Marshall Fellowship Scholar, Mehlman Scholar, William H. Gray Jr. Scholar, SISTERS Member
Reach out to Hermela on LinkedIn: LinkedIn


Diamond Miller
Hometown: Parsippany, NJ
High School: Dublin School
Year in College: Class of 2022
Major: Currently Neuroscience, past major Biology
Diamond’s Places: I am a part of two executive boards for the African Caribbean Association and for the Minority Association of Premedical Students; I am also a House Advisor this coming year among the upperclassman, and I am also a part of the Harwood scholars which is a leadership program on campus.
Reach out to Diamond on Instagram: @diamondmiller._

Melanie, Diamond, and Hermela discuss mental health as a First-Gen student


New York Times bestselling author Harlan Cohen talks with First-Generation students about life in college at Franklin & Marshall College.  This open and honest group of students, share how Franklin & Marshall changed their lives. From filling out the FAFSA to almost dropping out of college, watch the entire conversation with Franklin & Marshall students.  Have questions? Reach out to the panelists on social media. For more videos visit BeforeCollegeTV on YouTube.

For more information about Harlan Cohen visit him online at: or follow him on social media: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | TikTok | LinkedIn | Snapchat.


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