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Yale University


Gateway to Branford Hall in Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, CT, USA.

Yale University (New Haven, CT) 

Undergraduate Population: 5,963
U.S. Department of College Scorecard: Graduation rate, majors, costs, salaries
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College Newspaper: Yale Daily News


Athena Stenor
Year: Class of 2022
Hometown:  Brooklyn, NY
High School:  Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire
Major: Chemical engineering
Athen's Places: Executive board for the annual Black Solidarity Conference, Vice President of Incoming Operations for AIESEC Yale, an organization that promotes youth leadership development through cross-cultural volunteer exchanges. I also do research at a nanomedicine lab and have an on-campus job.
First Generation Student: Yes
Reach out to Athena on Instagram: @ihada_dream_aboutthis


Kahlil Greene
Hometown: Germantown, Maryland
High School: Poolesville High School
Year: Class of 2021
Major: History
Kahlil's Places:  Student body President, Former Treasurer of the Black Men's Union, Former Co-captain of TD Intramural Volleyball Team
Reach out to Kahlil on Instagram: @Kahlil.Greene


Seyade Tadele
Hometown: Minneapolis, MN
High School: Breck School
Year in College: Class of 2021
Major: Economics and Education Studies
Seyade’s Places:  Afro-American Cultural Center, I work at a local school through Yale's public school intern program, I was also on the board for the Black Student Alliance and the Yale Association for African Peace and Development
First Generation Student: Yes
Reach out to Seyade on Instagram: @sey_tadele



New York Times bestselling author Harlan Cohen talks with Yale students about life in college. These three dynamic students (two of whom are first generation students) share why they chose Yale, finding community as a racial minority, roommates, and how they got involved with student organizations such as Yale Community Council, Yale Association for African Peace and Development, AIESEC Yale. They also share their personal stories of rejection and feelings of vulnerability while attending an Ivy League University and reaching positions of leadership. Watch the entire college conversation with Yale students here.  For more videos visit and subscribe to BeforeCollegeTV on YouTube.

For more information about Harlan Cohen visit him online at: or follow him on social media: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | TikTok | LinkedIn | Snapchat.

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