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Dartmouth College


Dartmouth College (Hanover, New Hampshire)

Undergraduate Population: 4,312
US Department of College Scorecard: Graduation rate, majors, costs, salaries
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College Newspaper: The Dartmouth


Isaac Feldman
Hometown: Mclean, VA, USA
High School: George C. Marshall High School
Year in College: Class of 2023
Major: Computer Science
Isaac’s Places: Executive Board Member of Access Dartmouth, a disability advocacy group on campus; member of Dartmouth Formula Racing, an engineering project team that builds and races hybrid race cars; Apprentice for the Dartmouth Book Arts Workshop, a program that uses both traditional and contemporary methods to explore the arts and history of bookbinding, printing and typography.
Reach out to Isaac: @isaac_400 (Instagram), @Isaacfeldman_ (Twitter)


Emma Ginsberg
Hometown: Chicago, IL
High school: Walter Payton College Prep
Year in College: Class of 2023
Major: (Technically undeclared, but I'm pretty sure at this point) English (maybe modified with Computer Science) and a Theatre minor
Emma’s Places: Dartmouth Rude Mechanicals (Executive board, company member), Handel Society, Dartmouth Opera Lab, The Dartmouth (reporter)
Reach out to Emma on Instagram: @laviebohemma


Lucy Biberman
Hometown: Louisville, Kentucky
High school: Ballard High School
Year in College: Class of 2023
Major: Theatre; Minors in English and Linguistics
Lucy’s Places: Divest Dartmouth and Dartmouth Theatre Department
Reach out to Lucy on Instagram @its_me_lucy_b


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