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Clemson University

ONE OF YOUR PEOPLE PROJECT |  Clemson University

Clemson University (Clemson, South Carolina)

Undergraduate Population: 19,564
U.S. Department of College Scorecard: Graduation rate, majors, costs, salaries
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College Newspaper: Tiger News


Ashley Reichard
Hometown: Moncks Corner, South Carolina
High School: Berkeley High School
Year in College:  Class of 2023
Major: Chemical Engineering
Ashley’s Places: Clemson Wesley which is the Methodist ministry at Clemson.  After-school program to excite elementary school students about STEM disciplines through hands-on project experience.
Reach out to Ashley on Instagram: @ashleyareichard


Duncan Crowder
Hometown: North Augusta, South Carolina
High school: Westminster Schools of Augusta
Year in College: Class of 2023
Major: Sports Communication and Economics double major
Duncan's Places: I am currently the Community Service Chair for my fraternity Beta Upsilon Chi
Reach out to Duncan on Instagram: @duncancrowder


Gracie Boyce
Hometown: Columbia, South Carolina
High school: Richland Northeast High School
Year in College: Class of 2023
Major: Economics and will likely minor in Public Policy and/or Natural Resource Economics
Gracie’s Places: National Scholars Program, Clemson Honors College, Violinist in Clemson Symphony Orchestra, Clemson Wesley Social Team and Worship Team, Dixon Global Policy Scholars Program, Writing Fellow, Honors Ambassador, NSP Retreat Team, HerCampus Online Magazine
Reach out to Gracie on Instagram: @gracieboyce7


Kelsie Dean
Hometown: Moncks Corner, South Carolina
High School: Berkeley High School
Year in College: Class of 2023
Major: Started in Bio Science, switched to Animal Science
Kelsie’s Places:  Block n’ Bridle (agricultural club), Clemson Wesley Social team, CAFLs Ambassador ‘20-’21, CUSG senator ‘20-’21, FCA, Chocolate Milk Club
Reach out to Kelsie on Instagram: @kelsie.dean


New York Times bestselling author Harlan Cohen talks with Clemson students about life in college. This candid conversation includes their awkward first days at school, feeling alone, and becoming great friends. Duncan shares details about his college search (he applied to 10 schools) and why he ultimately chose Clemson.  The panel talks about stting rules and boundaries with roommates. Kelsie and Ashley discuss being roommates with a friend. Gracie and Kelsie share their academic struggles and how they got help. The panel discusses campus life, religious organizations, Greek life, music clubs, and Clemson’s Student Government. 

For more information about Harlan Cohen visit him online at: or follow him on social media: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | TikTok | LinkedIn | Snapchat.   For more videos visit BeforeCollegeTV on YouTube.


DISCLAIMER: All views expressed by panelists are their own and are in no way endorsed, affiliated, or representative of the institution, Harlan Cohen, or BeforeCollegeTV.  All views expressed on panelists social media are not endorsed or affiliated with Harlan Cohen, BeforeCollegeTV, or associated institution.  Students views, opinions, and advice are their own. ALWAYS contact official representatives to verify and validate any information provided.