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- Alabama students throwing 'COVID parties' to see who gets infected: Officials (ABC NEWS)
- Colleges Rescinding Admissions Offers as Racist Social Media Posts Emerge (NY Times)
- Cornell University have concluded an online semester at the university will result in more COVID-19 infections than an in-person one (Inside Higher Ed)
- At least 80 UW students in fraternities test positive for coronavirus, a foreboding sign for college reopenings (The Seattle Times)
- Over 150 College Athletes Contracted Coronavirus After Being Pressured to Practice (VICE)
- Want College Football this year? Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp Urges 'Wear a Mask'
- Swarthmore College suspends fall athletics due to COVID-19 (Philadelphia Inquirer)
- USC announces new fall housing, hybrid instruction and health measures (Daily Trojan)
- Amherst College orders tents for possible outdoor classes during fall semester (MASS Live)
- Announcing Amherst’s Plan for Fall 2020 (Amherst College)
- FSU clarifies notice to employees requiring outside child-care during remote work (Tallahassee Democrat)
- Florida State University to 'No Longer Allow Employees' to Care for Kids While Working Remotely (People)
- As young people drive infection spikes, college faculty members fight for the right to teach remotely
- University of Iowa faculty, instructors share fall fears with students 'We're scared' (The Gazette)
- More than 40 Bay Area school principals in quarantine after coronavirus exposure at meeting (KTLA5)
- List of Colleges’ Plans for Reopening in the Fall (Chronicle of Higher Education)
- Dartmouth College updates policy to allow Class of 2024 to postpone enrollment one year (The Dartmouth)
- Dropping The Price (Inside Higher Ed)
- College students to get a break as student loan rates drop to historic lows (The Herald News)
- What The Supreme Court’s DACA Ruling Means For Undocumented Students And The Colleges And Universities They Attend (Latino USA)
- Is My Family’s Vacation Destination or Teen’s College Town Safe? New Tool Shows Covid Risk by County (Grown and Flown)